Automatic Sewing Needle Device 3PCS

Automatic Sewing Needle Device 3PCS

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Make your work efficiency improved. Great for those people who have dim eyesight and it's suitable for hand and machine sewing projects. PORTABLE SEWING TOOL

These Automatic Sewing Needle Device is easy to carry and store, a convenient needle guide tool, suitable for all needles, even young or elder can use it. HIGH QUALITY

This needle threader is made of high-quality materials, durable and flexible, keeping it for many times of use. VERY EASY TO USE

  • Step 1: Check the top hole as the picture showing
  • Step 2: Insert the needle in the hole
  • Step 3: Press the middle button to expose the hook
  • Step 4: Hitch the sewing thread on the hook
  • Step 5: Release the middle button
  • Step 6: Pull the needle out and job done.


Material: PVC

Size: 3.5 mm x 7.2 mm

3 PCS x Automatic Sewing Needle Device