Heat-Preservation Car Seat Organizer

Heat-Preservation Car Seat Organizer

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Your Perfect Car Seat Organizer
The Whole Year Round!

The Heat-Preservation Car Seat Organizer features insulation bags
for storing hot or cold drinks that will help your food and drinks
keep cold in the summer and keep warm during winter.

With multi-pockets that can hold variety of small items or objects,
it is very useful to keep your car organized and clutter-free.

Insulated Storage for Heat Preservation

The main compartment is insulated to help keep your stuff hot or cold.
Zipper design is to keep the cold or warm temperature preserved.
It has a built-in waterproof interior and it is leak-proof.

Large Capacity

Designed with multiple pockets and large storage bag. You can store
your drinks, tissue box, magazines, CD, candies and many other items.
You can put a frozen coolant pack at the bottom and
still have room for more drinks.




Perfectly designed to fit most vehicles. It can be used as storage for 
cold drinks and hot food, temporary vegetable keeper, organizer, etc.



Portable Tissue Box

The tissue dispenser at the bottom of the bag helps you get clean tissues
easily and within easy reach. Great for keeping your seat clean.


Easy to Install

No need to use tools to set up. Just secure the organizer to the seat 
with an adjustable headrest strap and bottom tie cord.

1. Fix and adjust the belt on the car seat's rod/headrest.
2. Adjust the strap on the seat to secure the car seat organizer.
3. The Car Seat Organizer is now ready for use.
4. Fill the organizer with the stuff you need like tissue, umbrella, drinks, etc.



Material: Oxford cloth + insulation aluminum foil
Weight: 230g (including packaging)
Color: Black


1 × Heat-Preservation Car Seat Organizer