Safety Car Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

Safety Car Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

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The blind spot mirror lets you keep an eye on the
car behind you while the other eye is on the vehicle
right in front of you in traffic. 

The size of your blind spot mirror will
largely affect your driving. You’ll want a
blind spot mirror that is large enough to give
you a clear viewing angle.

Designed to increase visibility when
opening the door, driving and parking your car.
Effectively expand the horizon.

Easy stick-on, rip the sticker to the mirror to
apply it to your car's backup mirror easily.
When installing the mirror , pressed hard to
make it stick more firmly.

  Multi-usage design, can stick on most position of car

 Can stick on the back seat B pillar to expand
rearview and improve safety when open the car door.


Product size: diameter 5cm thickness 3mm

Product material: glass + plastic

Product weight: net weight 18G, gross weight 34g

Suitable vehicle type: universal type


1. Wipe the position of the paste and wipe it clean.

2. Fixed type use large outer ring tape with double-sided tape, one-time adhesive.

3. Angle adjustment type use the small inner circle behind the small round mirror to paste with the angle adjustment bracket.

4. Make side is to help the angle adjustment use